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PostHeaderIcon At the Mercy of My Genes

The new biology!

The new biology!

In former posts we spoke about how scientists have probed down into the cells of man and animals to try to understand more about this life.   What they have been learning is amazing them.   We have been taught for the past 50 years, that we are more or less subject to our DNA.  I hear all the time “oh, I will probably end up with arthritis” or “diabetes runs in my family; I will probably get it, too”.  I have even heard someone say he expects he will get cancer, because it is in his genes.  Well, it sure seems like people think they are at the mercy of their genes.  I am sooooooo happy to have learned, folks,  that according to the new epigenetics (which means “above” genetics) that DNA really doesn’t dictate our health.  Infact, it only determines how the embryo develops, but once that embryo becomes a fetus, it is the environment that determines  Read the rest of this entry »


PostHeaderIcon The New Biology: Your Textbooks are Outdated

the-wisdom-of-your-cells-by-bruce-h-lipton-phdIn our last post I spoke about the complexity of nature.  It seems the further down into the interior of  our being we go, or the further out in space we go, either way we discover more complexity than we had ever thought possible.  Scientists have been studying DNA for over 50 years and have been so enamored with their research into the double helix that they were cutting away the surrounding material and throwing it away to get at their closely sheathed treasure.  Read the rest of this entry »