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At the Mercy of My Genes

Posted by Sandy on Oct 11th 2023

At the Mercy of My Genes

In former posts we spoke about how scientists have probed down into the cells of man and animals to try to understand more about this life. What they have been learning is amazing them. We have been taught for the past 50 years, that we are more or less subject to our DNA. I hear all the time “oh, I will probably end up with arthritis” or “diabetes runs in my family; I will probably get it, too”. I have even heard someone say he expects he will get cancer, because it is in his genes. Well, it sure seems like people think they are at the mercy of their genes. I am sooooooo happy to have learned, folks, that according to the new epigenetics (which means “above” genetics) that DNA really doesn’t dictate our health. Infact, it only determines how the embryo develops, but once that embryo becomes a fetus, it is the environment that determines development.

While in the womb, after the embryo stage is over and that little person becomes a fetus, it is the mother’s emotions, her perceptions are that which affects the developing child. The DNA is only a blueprint for the beginning development up through the embryo stage. After that, it is the environment that shapes the formation of the child. If the mother is stressed, fearful or unhappy, her body produces stress hormones that will affect the fetus development. Her stressed body will send more blood to the child’s limbs (to prepare for fight or flight) and that will increase development of those area as it cuts off blood to the viscera and the frontal part of the brain where we develop intelligence. It will send that blood to the back of the brain, where we have less intelligence, but more of the quick reflexes. So, if a mother is happy and relaxed, her child will be more intelligent, but if she is stressed, unhappy, etc. her child will develop more size, but less mentally.

Each and every cell in our body is like a little “Mini Me”. It has its own digestive organs, circulatory system, waste system, and its brain is the “membrane” of the cell and its organ of “perception”. As it perceives the environment, it reacts accordingly, like our own skin perceives our outside environment. Our skin is made from the same ectoplasm that our brain, eyes, nose, and mouth are made from (during our development in the uterus). Those smart little cells will go toward nourishment and take it in because they perceive it to be good for them, but they will go away from toxins. When we have fear, anxiety, any such negative perceptions, our cells get ready for fight or flight and this sets us into stress mode. That stress mode sends our blood rushing to our limbs and away from our vicera. This means those organs of digestion, circulation, etc. don’t function as well. They have to wait ‘til the stress is gone and the blood returns. This also sets us up for disease, as our immune system doesn’t get the blood either. This stress happens, because we are buying into fear, worry, etc. This is our perception. We perceive we must be afraid, or we must worry. We perceive that a disease runs in our family, so we buy into that, too, and we say we will probably die of that same disease. BUT, the good news is that according to the new biology, scientists say that this is not true. We create the environment by our perceptions.

Faith, on the other hand, gives us a perception that all is well and will work out fine. We can have peace when we have faith. Our body can have peace. The blood returns to our main organs and our immune system is working again. Our heart is working properly, our brain becomes more logical. Our digestion is working beautifully. I hope I never hear another person tell me that they will probably get cancer, because it runs in their family. As for me, I believe I will choose health.

Read Dr. Lipton’s two books about this topic: “The Wisdom of our Cells” and “The Biology of Belief”