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Essential Oils to Fine Wine; Say No to Standardization

Posted by Sandy on Oct 11th 2023

Essential Oils to Fine Wine; Say No to Standardization

Since ancient times our ancestors took pride in the art of fine wine making. Today pretty much everyone knows that when it comes to wine, quality makes a huge difference. Just what is it that improves the wine quality? It is well known amongst wine makers, that soil type, pH, weather, climate, length of growing season, seed stock, harvest time, and the grower’s knowledge, among other factors all determine the ultimate quality of that wine. This is also why a standardized wine like “Ripple” for example will always taste the same, but will never have the quality of other wines grown, harvested and bottled in the traditional way. “Standardization” causes a huge loss in quality, because according to Jon Barron, Master Herbalist, standardization seeks to control 2 or 3 of the identified active ingredients in a plant, thus distorting that plant synergy. Standardization disrupts the natural ratios of active ingredients inherent in the plant itself, by replacing them with arbitrary ratios determined by modern researchers. Standardized products, therefore, can never match the quality found in nature.

What is not known by many people, however, is that the same holds true for all plants and plant products. I’ve had customers ask me why their Mountain Magic Liniment has a different smell than the last bottle they ordered. Many of our customers had grown quite attached to and appreciative of that delightful mint fragrance, and called me because they were disappointed to smell a more citrus aroma. The citrus smell was overpowering the “usually more powerful” mint aromas, because the citrus crop quality was very good this year. Once I explain they understand. They don’t want to give up the powerful curative relief giving properties they have grown to appreciate in trade for standardization in smell.

Listen to this audio of Jon Barron and what he has to say about herbs and standardization.

Miracle Herbs by Jon Barron

and download his free ebook “Lessons From the Miracle Doctors” You won’t be disappointed. It’s one of my absolute favorites.