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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How should I use your products for Sinus Problems or Respiratory Problems like Alergies, or Athsma?

Dust mites are a real problem to the respiratory system, as are many other alergens, mold, and fungus. "Mountain Magic Liniment" contains 12 essential oils which eliminate these problems. If you will put a dime sized drop into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together vigorously, and inhale 4-5 times through the nose and then 4-5 times through the mouth, you will find that this will loosen phlegm, relax the bronchial tubes, and kill virus and bacteria, too. Then you can also add a tsp.of the Liniment to a liter of water in a plastic spray bottle and spray all over the house to kill virus, bacteria, fungus, mold, and dust mites.

2. How can your product get rid of headaches?

Rub some of the "Mountain Magic Liniment" on the back of the neck going up to the head, then rub some everywhere there is pain. Next put a dime size amount in the palm of the hand, rub your hands together vigorously, cup your hands around your mouth and nose and inhale 4 or 5 times. Rub again where you have pain, then inhale again 4-5 times. Continue rubbing and inhaling until your headache is gone. Most headaches are gone within about 60 seconds. People tell us their migraine usually goes from about 1-10 in 60 seconds, but it may take longer till it is totally gone.

3. I have terrible pain in my spine. Which product should I use?

For best results, follow the directions above given for knees, but rub the "Bone Magic" on the painful area with the "Mountain Magic Liniment" on top. Moist heat applied afterwards helps, too, since it opens the pores.

4. What should I use for Arthritis in my knees?

Our "Bone Magic" should be rubbed all around the knees (front and back) several times, then the multi-purpose "Mountain Magic Liniment" should be applied on top of the "Bone Magic". This produces WONDERFUL results, because the liniment has all of those great 12 essential oils and the MSM. This combination along with the "Bone Magic" really helps to relieve Arthritis pain and inflammation!

5. I have Fibromyalgia. Which of your products should I use and does it really work?

The "Mountain Magic Liniment" is what our customers with Fibromyalgia absolutely love. They tell us that they take it wherever they go, because it gives them 4-6 hours of wonderful pain relief. When they hurt everywhere they put 2 or 3 good squirts into the bathwater and after a nice soak, they come out feeling wonderful.


6. How can Mountain Magic Liniment help with fungal infections?

Among the 12 different top quality therapeutic grade essential oils in "Mountain Magic Liniment" are several which are extremely anti fungal. Tea Tree oil is widely known for its ability to kill all types of fungus. Eucalyptus, Rosemary, and Citrus Oils are also very anti fungal. The combination of these 4 anti fungal oils together with all the properties from the other 8 essential oils, the MSM, and 8 plant extracts all support and augment one another for awesome treatment of many different fungal infections such as Athlete's Foot, Nail Fungus and more.


Mountain Magic has been in business since 2004, (13 yrs.), yet we have never once had to raise our prices. Life happens and because of increasing costs in all areas, we have finally decided that we have to raise the price of our liniment by $5.00. We will continue, however, with our discounts on the Chronic Pain Duo & the Combo. Thank you for being such wonderful people. We truly appreciate you.

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I bought the chronic pain duo, at the recommendation of a holistic healer, for my 92 year old Grandmother. For years she has suffered with extreme arthritis and in the past few years severe swelling of her legs, feet, and ankles. The amount of pain she experiences breaks my heart, so I was willing to spend $70 on the duo because of the recommendation and then all the testimonials I read. After 2 days of using the chronic pain duo on her feet and ankles, the swelling went down so much that my grandmother was able to tie her shoes for the first time in 2 years. The second night I put it on her, I put a pillow under her feet and she said she felt her feet get warm and pulsing...circulation she hadn’t felt in years. She also slept only a couple hours a night and for some reason once we started using the duo, she began getting 6 hours a night consistently. I can’t say enough about these products. They are miraculous. We are about to order another duo which is why I’m on the site writing this. My Grandmas name is Eva. Thank you to the makers of this I hope you know you are bringing relief to my Grandma...literally changing the quality of her life. She stopped using it because she can’t put it on herself and when I arrived this week she was in too much pain to even play a game of scrabble with me. I’ve put it on her for three days straight now and she just beat me at scrabble and has energy left over! Truly a miracle.

Los Angeles