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PostHeaderIcon The New Biology: Your Textbooks are Outdated

the-wisdom-of-your-cells-by-bruce-h-lipton-phdIn our last post I spoke about the complexity of nature.  It seems the further down into the interior of  our being we go, or the further out in space we go, either way we discover more complexity than we had ever thought possible.  Scientists have been studying DNA for over 50 years and have been so enamored with their research into the double helix that they were cutting away the surrounding material and throwing it away to get at their closely sheathed treasure.  Read the rest of this entry »


PostHeaderIcon Welcome, Friends, to Our New Blog!

11176 We’ve been silent long enough. Now it is time to share all the amazing things we have been learning. What are we here for but to live, learn, love, and share the joy of discovery with others. They say the pen is mightier than the sword. So be it. Now I am setting pen, well, I guess I better say web code, to paper, or rather computer screen, to open what I hope will be a new understanding for those who are interested. Read the rest of this entry »