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PostHeaderIcon I’ve Been Away on a Journey – I’m Still on the Journey, but I’m Back

Hot air ballonSky Walking, Mt. Nimbus, Canada
Is that an oxymoron – or a double entendre? Let’s see if I can help you understand. I’ve missed you, it’s true. But why didn’t I write? I could say it was writer’s block. I bet there are writers out there who have had writer’s block for a quite a few years. But actually … I went back to school. Yep, 4 years ago at age 58, I “turned back time” by adopting the rather youthful attitude of an explorer. I was so curious in regard to understanding the human body, that I decided I needed to step out on a learning journey and get that needed education. I spent 3 of the last 4 years getting my ND (Naturopathic Doctor) certificate and the last year getting my MT (massage therapy) license. Now I am also studying herbalism – the study of the science & health benefits of plants. I’m not out to prove anything, I just have a driving desire to learn all I can in my final years of life – about life, starting with what I didn’t know about the amazing wonders of the precious work of art we call the human body and the beautiful natural environment that surrounds it. I’ve also fallen in love with the study of Permaculture, also known as Sustainable Agriculture. I am thrilled and relieved by the hope this study gives me for actually returning back to the environment, the stolen life we humans have taken from it. I’ll talk more about that in future blogs. I will discuss too, what I am discovering upon taking up the beautiful powerful Chinese practice of Qigong – as a way of inviting invigorating healthy energy into the body and its organs and directing our heart-flow energy out in loving prayer and gratitude – to a loving creator and a loving creation. It is a connecting with the healthy beneficial energy of our world. The pictures I’ve chosen represent the feelings that accompany a journey of this proportion. The oxymoron revealed – I’m back to write, but still journeying.


PostHeaderIcon Its a Wonderful Life!

It IS a wonderful life! It's all about Your Perceiption!

It IS a wonderful life! It's all about Your Perception!

If you read the last post, we were discussing some pretty amazing, earth shaking, life changing precepts arriving along with the new discoveries in science.  I was saying how Dr. Bruce Lipton,  an epigeneticist involved in stem cell research since the 60’s, is so excited about his discoveries that he reminds me of a kid.  I have an audiobook of him and I must say, I love  listening to people who are so filled with the joy of discovery that it overflows from them.  I feel the same way myself.  I can’t help it.  Read the rest of this entry »


PostHeaderIcon The New Biology: Your Textbooks are Outdated

the-wisdom-of-your-cells-by-bruce-h-lipton-phdIn our last post I spoke about the complexity of nature.  It seems the further down into the interior of  our being we go, or the further out in space we go, either way we discover more complexity than we had ever thought possible.  Scientists have been studying DNA for over 50 years and have been so enamored with their research into the double helix that they were cutting away the surrounding material and throwing it away to get at their closely sheathed treasure.  Read the rest of this entry »