About Us

Thanks for your interest in Mountain Magic Health and Beauty.

We are a fairly new business and just started in 2004. Our mission and philosophy is to provide the best "totally natural", holistic health and beauty products and keep them completely free of chemicals, preservatives, artificial colorants, and petroleum. We want to help you and your loved ones to get real, tried and proven pain relief and help for a long list of many ailments.

We will soon be adding more health education info, too. We want to help you have the tools to help you have a more natural, healthy, vibrant and beautiful life by introducing back into your life the wholesome health habits your great grandparents probably lived.

Herbs and Essential Oils have been used for centuries by doctors as well as lay people. Your great grandparents probably used them often and knew well and appreciated their effectiveness. Now it is also our mission to re-introduce the amazing health benefits of these ancient organic herbs and therapeutic grade essential oils to our present chemically overwhelmed generation.

Come back regularly to visit our site, because we will be adding extra features and new products over the next few months.

Our company and products are fairly new, so we will be taking our products on the road. Look for us at Expos, Fairs, Shows, Large Flea Markets, and even home parties.


Mountain Magic has been in business since 2004, (13 yrs.), yet we have never once had to raise our prices. Life happens and because of increasing costs in all areas, we have finally decided that we have to raise the price of our liniment by $5.00. We will continue, however, with our discounts on the Chronic Pain Duo & the Combo. Thank you for being such wonderful people. We truly appreciate you.

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Our little dog had Valley Fever and couldn't take the medication as he was having a life threatening reaction from it. I bought your product and did as you suggested and put it into a vaporizer for him, I did this 3 times a week for about 4 hrs each time. It has been 4 weeks now and Coco is doing wonderful. Thank you so much for helping save his life.

Jackie Campbell
Lake Havasu City, Arizona