Allergies - Asthma - Arthritis Pain - Sciatica Migraine Headaches - TMJ - Bone Spurs - Fungal or Bacterial Infections:

How can 1 or 2 products help with so many infirmities?

With the versatility of even one essential oil, you can get help for a number of health problems.

With a combination of 15 different, high quality essential oils - all in one product - you can get help for an amazing assortment of ailments.

Mountain Magic Liniment is a concert of helpers, combining their talents, augmenting each other, and forming a versatile and powerful natural remedy for many ailments. When used together with our “Bone Magic” you also get help for more chronic afflictions involving inflammation and tissue damage.

We, here at Mountain Magic Health, believe that nature has within itself the remedies to most of our ailments. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to delivering the magic of nature's most powerful remedies at affordable prices. We base our products on old time Appalachian mountain folk recipes handed down from generations. We use only nature's finest ingredients; organic herbal cold-pressed essential oils and herbs, and lots of love and care. We keep our recipes simple, clean, gentle, and our products are made in small batches to insure freshness at all times.

We hope that you will discover the magic of nature’s solutions.